CF’s “FM/TRCS” (1974) at Louis B. James Gallery August 15th, 7PM

Coleen Fitzgibbon’s FM/TRCS (1974) will be screened at the Louis B. James Gallery (143 Orchard St.) on August 15th at 7PM as part of The Pinch and the Ouch, a group performance and video screening, alongside films by Vivienne Dick,  Seung-Min Lee, Ariel Kavoussi, Marianna Ellenberg and David Zuckerman and performance by Shonni Enelow, O’hagan Blades, Ariel Kavoussi and Marianna Ellenberg. Organized and hosted by Marianna Ellenberg and Ariella Von. More information can be found here.

TRCSStill from FM/TRCS (1974)
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