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New York Times Article

Downtown, Before the Gentry Moved In By MARTHA SCHWENDENER Published: December 25, 2012 For some of us it’s still a bit of a shock to encounter a Whole Foods on the corner of Bowery and Houston Street with a sign … Continue reading

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LA WEEKLY Film & TV Kitchen-Sink Experimental(Re-)Discovering Coleen Fitzgibbon By Holly Willis Wednesday, Nov 19 2008 Coleen Fitzgibbon FM/TRCS One of the gratifying side effects of contemporary media overload and its frequent inanity is a keen hunger of viewers for … Continue reading

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Text Films 1974-76

TEXT FILMS 1974-1976 Notes C. Fitzgibbon Document / Public Records 1974 16mm, 17 min, no sound / 2009 digital, 8:34 min, sound Dictionary 1975 16mm, 3 min, no sound / 2010 digital, 3 min, sound Time 1975 16mm, 8 min, … Continue reading

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IS Internal System

IS Internal System: Autonomic Investigation: A Film that Refers to its own Processes 1974-75 In 1974 FM/TRCS was accepted to be shown by the Experimntl 5 Film Festival in Knokke-Heist, Belgium, in a casino by the sea. Agfa Gevaert Film … Continue reading

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FM/TRCS 1973-74

FM/TRCS (sometimes reversed by my dislexic brain as TRCS/FM) which I filmed on 8mm first and then optically printed onto 16mm Kodachrome using hi and low contrast mattes to over and under expose the film stock. During this time, 1973 … Continue reading

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