I, I, I, I, I, I, I,Kathy Acker at ICA

May 1 2019 – Sunday July 21 2019

ICA, St James

“Major project grappling with the continued genius and mythology of Kathy Acker. The writer actually appeared at the ICA in 1986 and, more recently, it hosted a sold-out event with Chris Kraus, author of ‘After Kathy Acker: A Biography’. Kraus isn’t the only one to have re-kindled the interest in Acker’s work, Olivia Laing’s ‘Crudo’ (published 2018) also plays with the character of ‘Kathy Acker’, a fictionalised blurring of Laing and Acker. But don’t just go because of the current buzz around her, go because there’s still so much more to be said about this endlessly clever, shapeshifting artistic mastermind.”

Henry Darger’s Room (Coleen Fitzgibbon) and Rich Poor (Coleen Fitzgibbon and Robin Winters) will be playing on loop throughout the exhibition.

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