Selected Filmography


Edible 2 (2015)
Digital, color, sound, 32 minutes.

Portraits (2015)
Digital, color, sound, 13 minutes.

Land of Nod (2013)
Original hi-8 video to digital, color & b/w, sound, 16 minutes. Persons unknown wait on a street in a large city for something to come their way. The greeting is “are you anywhere?” They float past the infinite set of stairs going nowhere during one day out of several days from 1985 to 1995. Land of Nod is an experimental short documentary shot NTSE in the late eighties and transferred to digital. Nod captures a day of black marketeers in the street waiting for action.

Colab TV: Excerpts from Potato Wolf, M/W/F Club, XFR STN at the New Museum (2013)
Selections by Fitzgibbon/Callard. Video, sound, three 60 minute DVDs.

Beach C (2012)
Digital imovie, color, sound, 4 minutes.

Rose C (2012)
Digital, color, sound, 4 minutes.

SYBAR (2012)
Digital, color, sound, 3 minutes.

East Village Artists (2012/1990)
Video, color, sound.

Der Spiegel (2011/1976)
16mm and digital, b/w & color, sound, 9:51 minutes. Micro text film of the June 1976 issue of German magazine Der Spiegel with rock music.

Document (Public Records) (2011/1976)
16mm transfer to digital, b/w, sound, 8:22 minutes. Taking it public: micro text film of records (warrants, debts, bank checks, etc.)

Lower East Side (LES) (2011/1976)
Super 8mm transfer to digital, color, sound, 16:31 minutes. Documentary style critique of the Island of Manhattma’s fiscal state of affairs and the John Dough Cult. Written and directed by C. Fitzgibbon. Narrated by Robin Winters. Cast: Tom Sigal, Diego Cortez and Robin Winters.

Dictionary (2011/1975)
16mm transfer to digital, color, sound, 3:42 minutes. Micro text film of selections from the English dictionary (contemplation: the yellow notebook and blade-less knife handle were missing when the blue car impacted the red car).

Daily News (2011/1974)
Super 8mm transfer to digital, color (magenta, yellow, cyan and bl/wt versions), sound, 11:20 minutes. Micro text film of the February 6, 1976 Daily News, New York City issue cover to cover with same day LA radio coverage.

Make A Movie (2011/1974)
Super 8mm transfer to digital, color, sound, 6 minutes. Several people (Saul Levine, Coleen Fitzgibbon, Marjorie Keller, Ramon White and others), attempt to make a film using the Ricky Leacock sound sync camera system; the dilemma of group dynamics and art process.

Trip to Carolee (2011/1973)
Super 8mm transfer to digital, color, sound, 5:07 minutes. Still images of things passing; a diary between city and country. Marjorie Keller and Coleen Fitzgibbon drive to Carolee Schneemann’s to feed Kitsch.

Portraits 71 -72 (2011/1972)
8mm, color and b/w, sound, 12 minutes; 8mm transfer to digital (2011), 40 minutes. Excerpts of 1972 diary films, short takes of people in the moment.

Internal System (2010/1974)
Digital, color, sound, 17:03 minutes. Expanding a system; enhanced excerpt from Internal System with optical sound track and video raster in frame.

Virgin Beauty On Ludlow (2009/1989)
Color and b/w, sound, 19 minutes.

FM/TRCS (2009/1974)
16mm and digital, color, optical sound, 11:16 minutes. The destruction of cinematic imagery and sound, which allows for the release of subliminal thought.
Prix de Jaques Freres, EXPRMNTL 5 Knokke-Heist Film Festival, Belgium, 1975.

X-Magazine Benefit (2009/1978)
By Coleen Fitzgibbon and Alan W. Moore. Video, b/w, sound, 11 minutes. “Colab’s X Magazine Benefit” documents the punk rock performances of DNA, James Chance and the Contortions, and Boris Policeband in NYC in the late 1970’s. Shot in black and white super 8 and edited on video the film captures the gritty look and sound of the music scene during that era. The film/video was made by Coleen Fitzgibbon and Alan Moore and finished in 2009.

Money (1996)
By Coleen Fitzgibbon and Cara Perlman. Hi8 to digital, b/w, sound, looped every 30 min.

L.M. (1990)
Hi8 transfer to digital, color and b/w, sound, 7 minutes.

Colab TV/Potato Wolf – NEWS NEWS (1981)
Directed by Fitzgibbon with Tom Otterness, Christof Kohlhofer, Walter Robinson, Babs Egan, Giselle Langkompf, Peter Fend, Greg Lehman.

X+Y (Coleen Fitzgibbon and Robin Winters) (1977)
By Colen Fitzgibbon and Robin Winters. Video/digital, 60 min.

Restoring the Appearance to Order in 12 Min. (1975)
16mm, color, sound, 10 minutes. The filmmaker performs her solitary act of cleaning. A static camera tightly frames the studio sink, dirty with paint and other residue while the artist engages in a concerted ritual of scrubbing and scraping … a treatise on the over-cleanliness of certain reductivist gestures in history of art making.

TIME (Cover to Cover) (1975)
16mm and digital, b/w, sound, 8:22 minutes. Micro text film of the Nov. 1974 issue of U.S. magazine Time cover to cover; soundtrack Daniel Ellsberg interview by Tom Snyder on the Pentagon Papers.

Gym (1973)
16mm, color, sound, 4 minutes. Made in Chicago with Christa Maiwald. The girls go for exercise in Chicago, with two 8mm cameras, with sound.

Found Film Flashes (1973)
16mm, b/w, sound, 3 minutes. A collage of recurring speech fragments, which provide a patchy voice-over “commentary,” which skids across a sampling of found film.

Experimental Docs

Greenpoint 2017 (2016)
Digital, color, sound, 26 minutes.

Beth B Interview (2017)
Digital, color, sound, 3 minutes.

Kristi Zea & Jacki Ochs (2016)
Digital, color, sound, 3 minutes.

Jonathan Silver: Infidel in the Studio (2017)
Digital, color, sound, 41 minutes.

Greenpoint 2016 (2016)
Digital, color, sound, 26 minutes.

Colab talks at Printed Matter 2016
Digital, color, sound, 91 minutes.

LES Stories S1: E 1: Medal Day (2015)
Digital, black and white and color, sound, 19 minutes.

Edible (2015)
Digital, black and white and color, sound, 19 minutes.

Ahearn Does Ottergibbon (2015)
Digital, color, sound, 13 minutes.

Ahearn Does Chin Chih (2015)
Digital, color, sound, 8 minutes.

6 & B Garden NYC (2015)
Digital, color, sound, 16 minutes.

Free Speech at Cuchifritos (2015)
Digital, color, sound, 20 minutes.

Jonathan Silver – Infidel In The Studio (trailer) (2014)
Digital, color, sound, 3 minutes.


Digital, color, sound, 33 minutes.

Vertual Realty – Real Estate Show (2014)
Digital, color, sound, 1 minute. Performances Website Films by Fitzgibbon for Real Estate Show 2014

Peter Fend at Essex Street Gallery (2012/1990)
Eight short documentaries of artist Peter Fend at Essex Street Gallery.

An Interview With Hiroshi Teshigahara (1990)
Analog/digital, color, sound, 11 minutes. Film interview of artist Hiroshi Teshigahara and his ichibana installation at the Leo Castelli Gallery. Special thanks to Charlie Ahearn and Robert Burden.

Darger’s Room (1973)
Excerpt from Darger’s Room. Film to tape transfer from Super 8 film at 9 frames per second. 20 minutes. Silent.