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Selected Interviews & Publications

Exhibition Catalogs

Jonathan Silver: Infidel in the Studio catalog. Published by L.E.S. Press. 2017

Moore, Taylor and Alexis Bhagat, ed., XFR STN; 07/17/13 – 09/08/13) New Museum (NYC, 2013)

Swan, Ethan, ed., Bowery Artist Tribute Vol. 3 (Come Closer: Art Around the Bowery, 1969-1989; 09/19/12 – 12/30/12) New Museum (NYC, 2012) 6-7

Viennale: Vienna International Film Festival, Films by Coleen Fitzgibbon. Pocketguide. (Vienna, Austria, Oct 25 – Nov 7, 2012)

Cooper, Shawna and Karli Wurzelbacher, ed., Times Square Show Revisited: Accounts of the Landmark 1980 Exhibition. Hunter College. (NYC, 2011-12) 32-34

Cinema Project, Restoring Appearances to Order: Coleen Fitzgibbon, Fall Calendar (Portland, OR, 2011)

Festival of Ideas for the New City, The Urban Landscape in Cinematic Transformation (New American Cinema Group, Inc. & The Film-Makers’ Cooperative) Program Guide (NYC, May 7-8, 2011)

Subliminal Projects, Art, Access & Decay: New York 1975-1985 (Los Angeles, CA, April 2 – 30, 2011)

Glasgow Short Film Festival, No Wave Cinema: New York Underground 1976-1982 (Glasgow, Scotland, Feb 18-20, 2011)

Filmmuseum, No Wave, New York 1976-84, May-June Program Calendar (Vienna, Austria 2010)

56th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, No Wave 1976-84, Festival Catalogue (Oberhausen, Germany, April 29 – May 4, 2010)

TIFF Cinematheque, The Best of The Decade: An Alternative View, Winter 2010 Program Guide, Vol. 20 Number 2 (Toronto, Canada, January 14 – March 14, 2010)

The Museum of Modern Art, Looking at Music: Side 2, Member Calendar(s) (NYC, July/Aug & Oct. 2009)

Christie’s Auction Amsterdam, Two in One: Contemporary Art From Witte de With & De Appel, (Amsterdam, the Netherlands, May 20, 2009)

Anthology Film Archives. Films by Coleen Fitzgibbon, Jan-Mar Calendar. (NYC, 2009)

Especes D’Espace, Les Annees 1980 Premiere Partie, The Eighties First Part, Magasin – Centre National d’Art Contemporain de Grenoble (Grenoble, France, 2008)

37th International Film Festival Rotterdam, EXPRMNTL, The Ghosts of Knokke-Le-Zoute. (Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Jan 23-Feb 3, 2008)

Morra, Raffaella and Giuseppe Morra, ed. Independent Film Show: 7th Edition (Naples: E-M Arts / Fondazione Morra, 2007)

Holland Animation Film Festival, Heartstrings: Coleen Fitzgibbon & Paul Sharits. (Utrecht, Holland, 2006)

Grey Art Gallery, The Downtown Show: The New York Art Scene 1974-1984, Grey Gazette, Vol. 9, No. 1 (NYC, Winter 2006)

COLAB Inc., N.Y.C., Landslides and A. More Store (Philadelphia, PA: Moore College of Art Gallery, 1983)

EXPRMNTL 5: Fifth International Experimental Film Competition, 1974-75.


BOMB Magazine’s Beth B interview by Coleen Fitzgibbon. BOMB Magazine 2017. Print and online.

Randy Kennedy’s NY Times Article for A BOOK ABOUT COLAB, printed by Printed Matter and edited by Max Schumann. NY TIMES. Fall 2016. Print and online.

David Lynch interview by Coleen Fitzgibbon and Will Simmons. BOMB Magazine. Spring 2015. Print and online.

Kurchanova, Natasha. “The Lower East Side: The Real Estate Show Redux,” Studio International, May 9, 2014.

Ben Rivers by Coleen Fitzgibbon. BOMB Magazine. Number 125, Fall 2013. Print and online.

Fitzgibbon, Coleen. Interview by P. Adams Sitney. BOMB Magazine. Number 123, Spring 2013. Print and online.

Schwendener, Martha. “Downtown, Before the Gentry Moved In,” The New York Times, December 25, 2012.

Kennedy, Randy. “Among the Piglets,” The New York Times Magazine, July 3, 2011.

Donkers, Nell.  “Take…The Exhibition And Run,” The Shadow Files, De Appel Arts Centre, October 2010.

Van Duyn, Edna.  “An Idea Is How The Brain Smiles,” The Shadow Files, De Appel Arts Centre, October 2010.

Goddard, Peter. “Critics Choice: Visual Arts,” The Toronto Star, March 11, 2010.

James, David. “L.A.’s Hipster Cinema,” Film Quarterly, Vol. 63, Fall 2009.

Willis, Holly. “Kitchen Sink Experimentalism: (Re)-Discovering the Films of Coleen Fitzgibbon,” LA Weekly, November 20, 2008.

Buchloh, Benjamin. “To Whom It May Concern,” Modern Painters, November 2008.

Geritz, Kathy. “Alternative Visions: Materialist Cinema – Coleen Fitzgibbon, Owen Land, Alice Anne Parker, Paul Sharits, Joyce Wieland,” BAM/PFA Art & Film Notes, September/October 2008.

Madoff, Steven Henry. “Service Aesthestics: On Personal Transactions in Art,” ArtForum, September 2008.

Joselit, David. “A Conversation with Peter Fend,” October, MIT Press. No. 125, Summer 2008.

Kilston, Lyra and Quinn Latimer, “ProVison: Global Guide to What’s On”, Light Industry, Modern Painters, June 2008.

Little, David E. “Colab Takes a Piece, History Takes It Back: Collectivity and New York Alternative Spaces,” Art Journal, Vol. 66, No. 1, Spring 2007.

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X&Y, “X&Y Offer: Pictures of Prehistoric Times, The New York Spanner, 1978

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Keller, Marjorie. “Report From Knokke-Exprmntl 5” in Women & Film 2, No. 7, 1975.


Windhausen, Federico, ed. Speaking Directly: Oral Histories of the Moving Image (Cinematograph no. 7, 2013) (San Francisco: San Francisco Cinematheque, 2013) Coleen Fitzgibbon by Sandra Gibson & Luis Recoder, 29-46.

Moore, Alan W. Art Gangs: Protest & Counterculture in New York City (Brooklyn: Autonomedia, 2011)

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Breslin, David, ed., Jenny Holzer (Ostfildern, Germany: Hatje Cantz, 2008) 118

Stimson, Blake and Gregory Sholette, ed., Collectivism After Modernism: The Art of Social Imagination after 1945 (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2007) 203-204

van  Mechelen, Marga. de Appel: performances, installations, video, projects 1975-1983
(Amsterdam: De Appel, 2006) 142, 150, 412-413.

Taylor, Marvin J. ed., The Downtown Book: The New York Art Scene 1974-1984 (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2006)

Prince, Richard. American English (Koln: Walther Konig, 2003)


Collaborative Projects and Art Economies New York Arts Practicum 2016

Coleen Fitzgibbon Land Of Nod talk at Dorian Grey Gallery

Colab, The Real Estate Show, and ABC No Rio: A History. Clocktower radio. Hosted by Jeannie Hopper. Originally aired May 5, 2014.

Windhausen, Federico, ed. Speaking Directly: Oral Histories of the Moving Image (Cinematograph no. 7, 2013) (San Francisco: San Francisco Cinematheque, 2013) Coleen Fitzgibbon by Sandra Gibson & Luis Recoder, 29-46.

BOMB Magazine. “Ben Rivers by Coleen Fitzgibbon.” Number 125, Fall 2013. Print and online.

Blouin Artinfo. “Making the Old New Again at the New Museum.” August 15, 2013. Video.

BOMB Magazine. Coleen Fitzgibbon Interview by P. Adams Sitney Number 123, Spring 2013. Print and online.

C.Fitzgibbon interview by Stephen Zacks – Collaborations 77-80 Part One, April 13, 2012

C.Fitzgibbon interview by Stephen Zacks – Collaborations 77-80 Part Two, April 13, 2012

C.Fitzgibbon interview by Stephen Zacks – Urban Influence by Artists, April 13, 2012

C.Fitzgibbon interview by Stephen Zacks – NYC Early Years 1973-1977, April 13, 2012

C.Fitzgibbon interview by Stephen Zacks – Early Film Work, April 13, 2012

Fitzgibbon, Coleen. “Notes on Document,” New York City. Audio interview by author, Fall 2006.

Goddard, Peter. Toronto Star columnist. Email interview with Coleen Fitzgibbon dated March 6, 2010 and March 8, 2010.