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by Vanessa Yurkevich
Published: August 15, 2013

In the 1980’s, artists started exploring the medium of video as an artform. Many filmed on bulky 3/4 inch tapes and VHS. However as technology progressed into the 21st Century, those platforms are becoming obsolete. But the New Museum in New York City, wanting to preserve that artistic past, set up XFR STN (Transfer Station). It’s an interactive exhibit, where artists can transfer their old video materials to an online archive through September 8.

XFR STN was started to preserve videos from the Monday/Wednesday/Friday Video Club started by a group of artists from Collaborative Projects, Inc, or Colab which sold and showed artists videos. The group was based in New York City and is no longer active. But former members plan to transfer hundreds of videos from the MWF Video Club with the help of trained technicians.

Video & article here.

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