The Real Estate Show, What Next: 2014 | April 19 – May 18 at Cuchifritos Gallery + Project Space

Currently on view:
The Real Estate Show, What Next 2014
April 19 – May 18, 2014
Cuchifritos Gallery + Project Space, 120 Essex St (located inside Essex Street Market), NYC

Photo courtesy of Ann Messner. 123-5 Delancey, site of the original Real Estate Show 1979/80

Open call to artists for events planning! Contact [email protected] for more info.

The return of The Real Estate Show in five NYC venues (James Fuentes Gallery, ABC No Rio, the Lodge Gallery, Cuchifritos Gallery + Project Space and Spectacle), continues now through May 18th at Cuchifritos Gallery + Project Space. Find more information about all shows in the Press Release!

Cuchifritos Gallery + Project Space is honored to present the exhibition The Real Estate Show, What Next: 2014. An extension of The Real Estate Show of 1979/1980, this exhibition will serve as a living project space, presenting new work that continues to question the impending re-development of the Seward Park Urban Redevelopment Area (SPURA) sites. By addressing certain issues that have both united and polarized the neighborhood over the last 30+ years, the exhibition will encourage artists and community members to become an active part of the conversation by focusing on the particular insights and experimental processes that artists bring to imagining new urban spaces. All of the projects, contributed by former Colab members and participants in the original Real Estate Show, take form through audience engagement, as Cuchifritos becomes a flexible site for the active processes unfolding throughout the duration of the exhibition. (Cuchifritos Gallery + Project Space)

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