LA Filmforum at MOCA presents CF’s “Restoring the Appearance to Order in 12 Min.” May 9th, 7PM

Coleen Fitzgibbon’s Restoring the Appearance to Order in 12 Min. will be screened on 16mm this Thursday, May 9th, 7PM as a part of Time as Material presented by Los Angeles Filmforum at MOCA .

From LA FilmForum calendar:

By the middle of last century, many artists stopped using their materials to represent something and instead focused in on the materials themselves: paint was only paint, metal only metal, etc. Likewise, artists working in cinema ceased trying to represent time and began to work with it directly. Through diverse means and subjects, each film in this program explores time as a material. From Andy Warhol’s slow cinema, at once luscious and austere, to the crystalline precision of Ernie Gehr’s formalism, this program of challenging and often surprisingly humorous works presents a new way of thinking about how cinema came to consider time itself.

Screening work by Andy Warhol, Richard Serra, Joyce Wieland, Morgan Fisher, Hollis Frampton, Coleen Fitzgibbon, Ernie Gehr, and more.

Still from "Restoring Appearance to Order in 12 Min." (16mm) by Coleen Fitzgibbon

Still from “Restoring Appearance to Order in 12 Min.” (16mm) by Coleen Fitzgibbon

“Sensation, feelings, volitions, ideas—such are the changes into which my existence is divided and which colour it in turns. I change, then, without ceasing. But this is not saying enough. Change is far more radical than we are at first inclined to suppose.

“For I speak of each of my states as if they formed a block and were a separate whole. I say indeed that I change, but the change seems to me to reside in the passage from one stage to the next: of each state, taken separately, I am apt to think that it remains the same during all the time it prevails. Nevertheless, a slight effort of attention would reveal to me that there is no feeling, no idea, no volition, which is not undergoing change every moment: if a mental state ceased to vary, its duration would cease to flow. Let us take the most stable of internal states, the visual perception of a static object. The object may remain the same, I may look at it from the same side, at the same angle, in the same light; nevertheless the vision I now have of it differs from that which I have just had, even if only because the one is an instant older than the other. My memory is there, which conveys something of the past into the present. My mental state, as it advances on the road of time, is continually swelling with the duration it accumulates: it goes on increasing—rolling upon itself, as a snowball on the snow. … The truth is that we change without ceasing, and that the state itself is nothing but change.” –Henri Bergson, Creative Evolution

Programmed by Madison Brookshire

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