xyofferphoto_0003smallColeen (Colen) Fitzgibbon and Robin Winters worked collaboratively under the name X&Y between 1976 and 1977.





X&Y – Rich & Poor, color, sound, 20 min & 7 min, 1977. (Excerpt)

X&Y (Coleen Fitzgibbon/Robin Winters) created the 20 minute color super 8mm film “Rich & Poor,” which now exists as a 7:15 minute digital fragment, in 1977 in New York City. X&Y interviewed dozens of New Yorkers all over Manhattan about their thoughts on rich and poor. The film was originally shown at DeAppel in X&Y’s performance/ installation “Take The Money And Run” in 1977, The “Income & Wealth Show,” NYC, Colab’s All Color News cable TV series, 1978 and the “Times Square Show” 1980, NYC.

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