Coleen (Colen) Fitzgibbon Bio/CV

History/ CF film & art:

2012-05 Film and art exhibitions; Filmmaker/artist, lecturer & visiting artist; NY Film-Makers’ Cooperative Board member.

2012-2010 New digital shorts: LM; East Village Artists; Land of Nod (work in progress); Virgin Beauty on Ludlow; Beach; Rose; Sybar; Color Fast (work in progress).

2012-2005 New digital transfer films from 2012 to 2008: Document; Dictionary; Der Spiegel; Daily News; I.S. Migration; Trip to Carolee; Make A Movie; Portraits; LES.

2011-2006 Archived early 8 and 16mm films with MIAP assistant Sandra Gibson; reprinted and transferred to archival digital all 16mm films; film & art exhibitions.

2012- 1990 Independent video director/producer on various documentary shorts on artists and others: Peter Fend (Adriatic Sea, 1990; Essex St, 2010; White Box, 2011; Norway show, 2011); East Village Artists, 1990/2012; Tom Otterness (Frieze, LA 1990; Penny Park, NY 1995; Den Hague, Holland 2008; Portland, 2010); including interviews with Cara Perlman, Rebecca Howland, Alan Moore, Peter Fend, Kiki Smith and others;
Money, 1996 (co-directed with C. Perlman); Interview with Hiroshi Teshigahara, 1990.

1981-72 Filmmaker, performance artist, 1981-72; X&Y International Artists partnership, 1977 (with Robin Winters); 5 Bleecker Store shows (Income & Wealth, curator; Manifesto show, co-curator with Jenny Holzer; Just Another Asshole, co-curator with Barbara Ess, Jane Sherry, Virge Piersol), 1978-79; co-founder/president of artists organization Colab/Collaborative Projects, 1977-81; co-organizer of the Times Sq. Show, 1980; the Offices of Fend Fitzgibbon Holzer Nadin Prince and Winters, 1979-81.

1974-73 Whitney Independent Study Program, NYC: art/art history studio program under Ron Clark, Yvonne Rainer, David Diao -continued filmmaking while visiting artists studios in NYC (Don Judd, Joan Jonas, Jack Smith, Michael Snow, Richard Serra, Elizabeth Murray, Vito Acconci, Meredith Monk, Simone Forti.)

1973-71 School of the Art Institute of Chicago, BFA: studied film with George Landow (Owen Land), film history with Stan Brakhage and video with Phil Morten. SAIC student influences: optical printing instruction thru SAIC students Bill Brand and Louis Hock, film/art influences from Saul Levine, Margorie Keller, Diego Cortez, Christa Maiwald, Seton Coggeshall. Visiting artists influences: Carolee Schneemann, Dennis Oppenheim, Alex Katz.

1971-68 Boston U: studied Art and Art History at BU School of Fine Art.

2012-2009: New films and digital edits: Rose; Sybar; Beach; East Village Artists; Land of Nod; Virgin Beauty on Ludlow; Der Spiegel; Make A Movie; LM; I. S. Migration; Dictionary; Document; Daily News; X Magazine Benefit; Trip to Carolee; Peter Fend at Essex St Gallery (1-8 shorts); Far East Memories.
1990: Interview with Hiroshi Teshigahara; Money (C.Fitzgibbon/Cara Perlman), film installation at Postmasters, NYC.

Early 16mm films: FM/Frame of Mind, 1972; Helen Wetzel, 1972; Found Film Flashes, 1973; Gym, 1973; FM/TRCS, 1974; Internal Systems, 1974-5; Restoring Appearance to Order in 12 Minutes, 1975; Time, 1975; Document/Public Records, 1974-76; Dictionary, 1975; Fragment, 1975; Der Spiegel, 1976; Introduction for James McClaine, 1975; Natural Disasters, 1976.

Early 8mm films: Frame of Mind/FM, 1972; Portraits, 1972; Henry Darger’s Room, 1973; Greece, 1973; Stripper, 1973; Make A Movie, 1976; Daily News, 1976; LES, 1976; Times Sq on the Street, 1975.

Practical Esthetic Services: Offices of Fend Fitzgibbon Holzer Nadin Prince & Winters, one year series of art proposals for improving the world by Peter Fend, C. Fitzgibbon, Jenny Holzer, Peter Nadin, Richard Prince and Robin Winters;
Alternative Employment for Women: Sex Industriy, C.Fitzgibbon/Anya Phillips (Sarah Lawrence College) 1978;
X&Y Offer Hotspots, C.Fitzgibbon/ Robin Winters, Corp de Garde, Gronigen, Netherlands, 1977;
X&Y International Artists, C.Fitzgibbon/ Robin Winters, De Appel, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1977;
X&Y Services Adaptible to Your Needs, C.Fitzgibbon/Robin Winters, Arcade Show, NYC, 1977.
Applied Auto Conditioning, Collective for Living Cinema, 1976;
A Causal Experimentations and Total Score, 262 Mott, NYC, March & April 1977;
Manpower (Clocktower, NYC), 1975;
Introduction for James McClaine: Prison Reform (SUNY Binghampton, NY), 1975;

2012-1990 Films & art shown at:
New Museum, 2012; Vienna Film Festival/VIENNALE, 2012; Hunter College, 2012; Oporto, Portugal, 2012; MassArt, 2011; Printed Matter, NYC, 2011; The HAU, Berlin, 2011; Cinema Project, Portland, OR, 2011; Chashama Film Festival, NYC, 2011; Subliminal Projects Gallery, LA, 2011; Millenium Workshop, NYC 2011; Glasgow Short Film Festival, 2011; Oberhausen Film Festival, 2010; Austrian Film Festival, 2010; Gene Siskel Theater/ SAIC, 2010; Boda Gallery, Seoul, Korea, 2010; Cinematheque Ontario, 2010; MOMA, NYC 2009; Toronto Film Festival, 2009; Anthology Film Archives, NY 2009; DeAppel/ Christies Auction, Amsterdam, 2009; LA Film Forum, 2008; Light Industry, NYC 2008; U of Colorado at Boulder, 2008; Balagan Film Series at Carpenter Ctr, Cambridge, Mass 2008; Pacific Film Archive, 2008; Exit Art, NYC 2008; Rotterdam Internatl Film Festival, 2008; Royal Film Archives, Brussels, 2007; Foundation Morra, Naples, 2007; Anthology Film Archives, 2006; Holland Animation Film Festival, Utrecht, 2006; New York University Grey Art Gallery 2006; Postmasters Gallery, NYC 1990.

1973-81 Films/exhibitions: the London Film Festival (Fall ’73); Millenium Film Workshop 1975,’76, ’78; Clocktower, NYC (’75); Knokke-Heist Expermntl Film Festival 5 (12/75), FM/TRCS (3rd prize, prix de Albert Frere); SUNY Binghampton (’75); Palais des Beaux Arts, Brussels (’76); Oasis, LA (’75); Anthology Film Archives (’76, ’78), U of RI (’76) Hampshire College (’76); Pittsburg Filmmakers’ (’76); Collective for Living Cinema (’76); John Weber Gallery (Moved Show, ’77); De Appel, Holland (’77); Corps de Garde, Holland (’77); 5 Bleecker Store shows (’78 -Income & Wealth, Manifesto and Just Another…); Manhattan Cable Network (’77-80); SUNY Buffalo (’79); Hallwalls (’79); The Office at David Amico’s, LA (’79); Real Estate Show (’79); Times Sq Show, NYC (’80); Artists’ Space (’81); Brook Alexander Gallery (’81).