CF Presents at the Radical Archives Conference, Friday, April 11 at NYU

Friday, April 11, 2014 5:10-6:30 PM
NYU Cantor Film Center (36 E. 8th Street), Theater 102

Participants: Johanna Burton, Coleen Fitzgibbon and Andrea Callard, Tara Hart, Alan W. Moore, moderated by Leeroy Kun Young Kang

Institutions, organizations, and artists have grappled with the need to preserve and provide access to audiovisual materials stored in aging and obsolete audiovisual and digital formats for decades; however, issues related to the cost of storage, equipment and time required for digital reformatting have presented challenges for those with limited resources. Recently, projects such as XFR STN at the New Museum in New York, have worked with multiple practitioners to provide common access to at-risk video materials and make media preservation services available at a grassroots level.

In this session, various participants in XFR STN will reflect on the outcome of the project and discuss radical possibilities that can be brought about through collaboration amongst institutions, communities, and individuals with various disciplinary vantage points. The program will include a screening of select videos digitized during the course of the project from the New Museum Archives and Monday/Wednesday/Friday Video Club, and will end with a moderated Q&A session. (from the website)


Full Schedule for the Radical Archives Conference (April 11-12, 2014)

Curated by Mariam Ghani and Chitra Ganesh

A two-day conference organized around the notion of archiving as a radical practice, by which we mean: archives of radical politics and practices; archives that are radical in form or function; moments or contexts in which archiving in itself becomes a radical act; and considerations of how archives can be active in the present, as well as documents of the past and scripts for the future.The conference is organized around four threads of radical archival practice: Archive and Affect, or the embodied archive; Archiving Around Absence, or reading for the shadows; Archives and Ethics, or stealing from and for archives; and Archive as Constellation, or archive as method, medium, and interface. (from the website)

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